PATCH Toolkit Bundle: Teen & Parents


The PATCH Toolkit Bundle includes both the PATCH for Teens Toolkit AND the PATCH for Parents Toolkit. The dual approach is intended to get young people and their caregivers on the same page – providing the information and resources need to help support and empower young people in becoming responsible managers of their own health.

Main Messages

  • Teens need and deserve a good relationship with their health care providers.
  • Teens have legal health care rights.
  • Teens have a personal responsibility to learn to manage their own health care.

Teen Learning Objectives

  • Teens will understand the importance of learning to manage their own health care experiences.
  • Teens will learn how to advocate for their own health and well-being in health care settings.
  • Teens will explore steps they can take to make sure they get the care they need and deserve.

Parent/Caregiver Learning Objectives

  • Participants will understand the importance of teaching young people how to manage their own health and health care.
  • Participants will learn about the rights and responsibilities of young people in health care settings.
  • Participants will explore steps they can take to make sure young people are well-prepared to manage their health and health care as adults.

Purchasing the Toolkit Bundle authorizes a single facilitator to implement the PATCH for Parents and PATCH for Teens content. 


By purchasing the Toolkit bundle, you get all the same content and resources as each individual toolkit including:

  • 2 Facilitator Guides: Provides detailed information about how to use the PATCH for Parents & PATCH for Teens Toolkits.
  • Workshop Scripts: Gives facilitators step-by-step instructions and sample language to utilize when facilitating a PATCH for Parents workshop or PATCH for Teens lesson.
  • Participant Activity Sheets: A worksheet providing participants a space to write or draw notes and participate in workshop activities.
  • 30 Emoji Booklets: An interactive teaching tool providing a way for teens to choose and share their emotional response to lesson questions, scenarios, and activities in the form of an emoji.
  • PowerPoint Templates: A supplemental facilitation tool that can be downloaded and customized to your specific needs.
  • Additional Activity Materials: Additional facilitation resources are provided as needed to implement with success. This includes the 4 video clips for the PATCH for Teens lesson which feature PATCH Teen Educators delivering critical content in an engaging peer-to-peer format. The videos are integrated throughout the lesson and enhanced with supplemental learning activities led by the facilitator.
  • Evaluations: Two different methods are provided to help facilitators measure impact and gather participant feedback. You choose which one is best for your setting.
  • 100 Teens Brochures – “Getting the Health Care You Need & Deserve”: A resource helping teens understand the importance of health care and the steps they can take to start becoming responsible managers of their own care.
  • 100 Supportive Adult Brochures – “Your Teen’s Right to Privacy in Health Care Settings”: A guide helping parents, guardians, and other caregivers understand the health care rights and responsibilities of teens in health care settings.
  • Transition Checklist: A take-home resource helping families understand the important skills a teen should have so they can successfully manage their own health care as an adult.
  • Dear Provider Letter: A take-home resource to help facilitate healthy conversations between teens, their health care providers, and their parents/guardians/caregivers.
  • Access to PATCH Online & PATCH Chat: Facilitators receive a unique User ID and password to access downloadable materials, videos, and resources, as well as access to PATCH Chat, an online forum to communicate with others using these Toolkits.

*Note: Although the Facilitator Guides and Scripts are currently only available in English, many of the supplemental resources are available for purchase in Spanish.