The PATCH Teen Consultant Program ensures youth voice is prioritized in adolescent health initiatives with the goal of improving the way programs, policies, and practices that impact youth are designed and implemented.

Teen Consultants are hired and trained to build advocacy skills and develop comfort sharing their unique ideas, perspectives, and concerns. They bring youth perspective to the projects and initiatives of individuals, organizations, and systems working to improve adolescent health.

As part of the PATCH Teen Consultant Program, we want youth and organizations alike to grow in their knowledge, confidence, and ability to partner and incorporate youth voice into the decisions that affect them.

Since the Fall of 2020 *Note: The Teen Consultant Program evolved out of the Youth Advocacy Fellowship.
I feel like PATCH sparked a fire within me. I feel motivated and inspired to make lasting change in my life. I am so thankful for this past year and I am eager to bring in my knowledge from PATCH with me to college and beyond.
- PATCH Teen Consultant
When I was working for PATCH I was pushed out of my comfort zone to try new things, to advocate for myself and the things I believe in. I am such an introvert, but I learned that my opinions matters and I should work hard to put my opinions out there.
- PATCH Teen Consultant
Working with PATCH has given the Maternal and Child Health Program a greater understanding the needs of Wisconsinites. They consistently give thoughtful, insightful feedback and input to all of our questions which has shaped the goals of our programming.
- Wisconsin Title V Employee
Working with the Teen Consultants was extremely valuable. It allowed us to get constructive feedback from our intended audience which greatly improved our final deliverable.
- Wisconsin DHS, Injury Prevention