A supportive environment in which all youth are healthy, connected, and thriving

To improve adolescent health and wellbeing alongside and in true partnership with youth


  • ADVOCACY. We empower people of all ages to raise their voice for positive change.
  • COLLABORATION. We partner with youth, adults, organizations, systems, and communities to improve adolescent health.
  • COMMUNICATION. We prioritize accessible, youth-friendly, honest, and confidential communication.
  • DIVERSITY. We celebrate the intersectional identities of all people including age, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, geographic location, family life, religion, ability, gender, size, and sexual identity.
  • INDIVIDUALITY. We approach all people with respect, compassion, and dignity.
  • INNOVATION. We apply the latest research, best practices, and lessons learned to our programming and strive to be a revolutionary leader in public health.
  • INTEGRITY. We act with a consistency of character and are accountable for our actions.
  • JUSTICE. We strive to foster environments where freedom, justice, and liberation are possible for all of humanity.
  • PASSION. We are committed in our hearts and minds to making positive changes and work to create an energizing, optimistic, and proactive environment.
  • TEAMWORK. We leverage and celebrate the abilities of all team members as we work together toward our vision and mission.
  • WELLNESS. We value the multidimensional and holistic process encompassing environment, lifestyle, and spiritual wellbeing, through which people become aware of and move toward achieving their full potential.


  • ACCESS TO QUALITY HEALTH CARE, RESOURCES, AND EDUCATION. Youth have the right and responsibility to access confidential, comprehensive, and developmentally, age, and culturally appropriate support, resources, and services.
  • BEING YOUTH-DRIVEN. Youth are the population best equipped to provide accurate, authentic advice and insight into the needs, concerns, and preferences of their generation.
  • ERASING STIGMA. Youth deserve to have judgment-free care and open conversations about all aspects of their health and wellbeing, including sexual health, mental health, and other stigmatized health topics.
  • HEALTH EQUITY. All youth have the right to high-quality health care that reflects knowledge of, sensitivity to, and respect for their differences, identities, and unique needs.
  • PREVENTION AND HARM REDUCTION. Youth are in a stage of rapid psychosocial development and experimentation, making them particularly susceptible to behavior-based injury and illnesses; they deserve education and support in prevention and management of these outcomes.
  • STRONG PATIENT-PROVIDER RELATIONSHIPS. Youth will make healthier decisions and will seek the care that they need if they are able to have open and honest conversations with a trusted healthcare provider.
  • THE POWER OF DIVERSE VOICES. When youth share stories from their unique lived experiences, they have the power to create positive change.
  • YOUTH EMPOWERMENT. Youth have the ability and right to make choices about their own health and deserve the opportunity to develop skills needed to become life-long advocates for themselves and others.