PATCH Toolkits

Helping Teens and Their Parents Understand Adolescent Rights & Responsibilities in Health Care Settings

The PATCH for Teens and PATCH for Parents Toolkits were created enhance the impact of existing PATCH efforts which are working to change the way adolescents receive, experience, and utilize health care. With youth voice and perspective at the forefront, the Toolkits help ensure health care providers, adolescents, and parents/guardians/caregivers of adolescents feel ready and well-equipped to navigate the often complex interactions that take place in health care settings.

PATCH Toolkits celebrate that:

  • Teens need and deserve a good relationship with their health care providers.
  • Teens have legal health care rights.
  • Teens have a personal responsibility to learn to manage their own health care.

The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) recognizes the PATCH Toolkits as a "cutting edge" practice in the Innovation Station evidence-based database and is being successfully implemented in numerous communities throughout the nation.

“Managing our own health care ~ like driving a car ~ is an important part of becoming an adult. At the end of the day, it’s just making sure we’re physically and mentally well so that we can do so many amazing things in life!” - Teen Educator