PATCH stands for Providers and Teens Communicating for Health.

We're a program of Embolden WI, a 501(c)3 committed to amplifying and catalyzing programs and initiatives to improve health outcomes, health equity, and civic health.

But, even more, we are a group of youth and adults working to improve the health and well being of their generation.

Because THEY are the experts. 

Initially founded as a community-based pilot program, PATCH now has a team of adults who help support the implementation of its youth engagement programs throughout Wisconsin. PATCH also provides mentorship, technical assistance, resources, and expertise to others across the nation seeking to engage youth in their work and/or replicate PATCH’s programming in their locality.

PATCH makes me feel really good about myself. Sometimes I stand back and think ‘Wow. I’m a part of this. I must be really cool.’
- PATCH Teen
I was truly given the opportunity to use my voice to be an advocate in my community!
- PATCH Teen
My favorite thing about PATCH is getting to interact with many different people, from different backgrounds, with different views. I like discussing important issues with people who are just as passionate and knowledgeable as I like to be. It makes me feel safe and gives me hope for the future.
- PATCH Teen

Youth change and so do we!
Be sure to check back regularly to keep up to date on all of our newest endeavors.