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We firmly believe that all young people deserve quality, youth-friendly healthcare services. Yet, research indicates several challenges, unique to the adolescent population, that hinder their ability to get the best care possible. The Core PATCH Package provides communities an innovative, positive youth development approach to improving adolescent health care experiences. Specifically, we hope to improve the communication and overall relationship between adolescents and health care providers and have developed programming and resources to help reach this goal.


Note: This is PATCH's full program replication package which has been recognized as a successful and promising practice for improving adolescent health by national experts, including the Office of Adolescent Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service and the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP).


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The Core PATCH Package is community-based in nature, so each PATCH Site will develop and function differently. However, the following people are key for a successful program.

Communities are provided the support, resources, and materials needed to form a local Community Advisory Team (CAT) and Teen Educator Team who facilitate both PATCH for Providers and PATCH for Teens: Peer-to-Peer workshops.

PATCH Site Architecture
PATCH Site Architecture


"This holistic approach of bringing many different people together to improve adolescent health has been awesome. It takes time to make change but when a community comes together and keeps youth at the center, it truly is magical." - PATCH Site Coordinator

"PATCH has given me SO much confidence in public speaking and self advocacy, a new and unique community of peers, opportunities in public health, insight, knowledge, compassion... and so many other things I’ll never be able to put into words!" - Teen Educator

"The PATCH for Providers workshop was very informative and thought provoking. It really shed light on the teen perspective and ignited a passion to make sure they truly understand their rights and feel safe, protected, and educated." - Health Care Professional

"This is a good program and it makes me feel more comfortable and confident for my next appointment 'cause I know it's okay to be shy but it's also important to speak up!" - PATCH for Teens: Peer-to-Peer Participant

See what PATCH Coulee Site Coordinator, Angela Gelatt, had to say about replicating PATCH in her local community - featured in the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs' August 2019 newsletter!

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Contact a PATCH Coach to learn more about using this innovative, positive youth development approach to improving adolescent health care experiences in your community. Purchase of the Core PATCH Package includes a robust implementation manual and start-up kit, plus a 16-to-20 hours of in-person training to develop the comfort, knowledge, and core skills needed for successful implementation. Additional coaching packages are available to guide communities throughout program implementation.