Become a PATCH Site!

We firmly believe that all young people deserve quality, youth-friendly healthcare services. Yet, research indicates several challenges, unique to the adolescent population, that hinder their ability to get the best care possible. The Teen Educator Program offers communities an innovative, positive youth development approach to improving adolescent health care experiences.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it means to become a PATCH Site and implement the PATCH Teen Educator Program, request a Planning for PATCH Guidebook below.

The guidebook explains what it means to invest in PATCH® and provides key information for launching a PATCH Site in your community. This guide will help you: (1) determine alignment with PATCH® mission, vision & values; (2) explore community readiness; (3) understand key program components and timelines; (4) plan for budgetary needs; and (5) connect with PATCH staff.

Request a PATCH Teen Educator Program Planning Guide