Health care professionals can play a key role in the health and development of young people. However, research indicates several challenges, unique to the adolescent population, that hinder their ability to get the best care possible. We firmly believe that all young people deserve quality, youth-friendly healthcare services and have developed programming and resources to help communities reach this goal.

A Promising Practice

When implemented in Wisconsin, PATCH programming and materials have been shown to significantly increase knowledge, self-efficacy, and behavioral intentions of both health care professional and youth audiences. The impact on PATCH Teen Educators has also shown significant impact in the areas of personal and social advocacy and adulthood preparation.

Statewide and National Presentations

  • Wisconsin Association of School Nurses Spring Conference, 2015
  • Wisconsin Public Health Nursing Conference, 2015
  • University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh Adolescent Health Symposium, 2015 & 2016
  • University of Michigan Adolescent Health Initiative's Conference on Adolescent Health, 2016
  • American School Health Association, 2016
  • American Public Health Association, 2016
  • Wisconsin's Building the Heart of Successful Schools, 2016
  • Embody's Safe Healthy Strong Conference, 2016
  • Adolescent and Young Adult Health National Resource Center - Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (AYAH-CoIIN), 2017
  • Minnesota Adolescent Sexual Health Summit, 2017


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Additional publications are in the works! Stay tuned.