PATCH for Teens

<“Managing our own health care ~ like driving a car ~ is an important part of becoming an adult. At the end of the day, it’s just making sure we’re physically and mentally well so that we can do so many amazing things in life!” ~ Jack, 16“/p>
PATCH has developed educational materials, as well as a complementary lesson, to empower young people to be active participants in their own health care, and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and advocate for youth-friendly services.

Classroom Edition

PATCH for Teens: Classroom Edition is a 45-90 minute lesson that can be purchased by school health teachers, health-related professionals, youth leaders, and other adults looking to teach youth, ages 14 – 18, about how to get the health care they need and deserve. It was created BY youth, FOR youth and uses short video clips to complement lesson activities.

“I love the PATCH Program because as health educators we often tell our students, “ask your doctor.”  However, we don’t teach the students HOW to ask their doctor.  The PATCH Program teaches students how to ask good questions, make appointments, and most importantly it teaches students the importance of being honest with their health care provider.” – School Health Educator

Peer-to-Peer Workshop

The PATCH for Teens: Peer-to-Peer workshop is intended to be delivered outside of a typical school classroom setting (e.g., health fairs, conferences, youth group meetings, student organizations/clubs, and other places young people gather to learn from one another). This 60-minute workshop is led predominately by PATCH Teen Educators with the assistance and direction of a PATCH Site Coordinator. Contact your local PATCH Site to schedule a workshop, or purchase the Core PATCH Package to launch your own Site and offer this amazing opportunity to your community!

Educational Brochures

The following brochures are great resources for youth and can serve as a conversation starter among young people and their health care provider(s) and/or a parent, guardian, or other trusted adult.



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