PATCH for Teens

“Managing our own health care ~ like driving a car ~ is an important part of becoming an adult. At the end of the day, it’s just making sure we’re physically and mentally well so that we can do so many amazing things in life!” - Teen Educator

PATCH for Teens Toolkit

Teen Toolkit Cover

The PATCH for Teens Toolkit provides school health teachers, health-related professionals, youth workers, and other adults the materials and resources needed to teach young people about their rights and responsibilities in health care settings.

"I love PATCH for Teens because as health educators we often tell our students, 'ask your doctor [or health care provider]'. But, we don’t teach the students HOW to ask their doctor [or health care provider].  PATCH teaches students how to ask good questions, make appointments, and most importantly it teaches students the importance of being honest with their health care provider.”

– School Health Educator

Peer-to-Peer Workshop


Confidentiality. Mandated Reporting. Health care...There's so much to know and to learn! Adolescents are often flustered in health care settings and are uncertain of how to get the care they ultimately need and deserve. PATCH Teen Educators want to share what they've learned with their peers! They want their peers to feel empowered in health care settings and have the knowledge and skills to become responsible managers of their own health.

Contact your local PATCH Site to schedule a workshop, or purchase the Core PATCH Package to launch your own Site and offer this amazing opportunity to your community!