PATCH for Providers

PATCH offers resources and educational opportunities to a wide variety of health care professionals (e.g., nurses, doctors, clinicians, therapists, counselors, pharmacists, social workers, front-end/support staff, residents, and students) with the intent of improving the way they connect and serve adolescents. 

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Office/Clinic Materials and Resources

The following brochures are perfect for clinic waiting areas, schools, and other community spaces.

Provider Resources

Health professionals can benefit from these useful reference cards.  Let PATCH guide you through an adolescent-friendly clinic interview with an outline of the “HEADSS Model” on one side, and a handy “Confidentiality Contract” to review with your teen patients on the other side!


Provider Education - PATCH for Providers Workshop

The PATCH for Providers workshop is driven by best evidence and has been developed as a continuing education opportunity for a wide range of health care professionals, including nurses, doctors, clinicians, medical students or residents, therapists, counselors, pharmacists, social workers, and any other front-end or support staff. In this 90-minute workshop, PATCH Teen Educators share their authentic insights into the health care concerns, preferences, and realities of today’s young people.


  • Increase participant knowledge about the concerns, preferences, and realities of young people in health care settings, as well as skills and resources to effectively communicate and build positive relationships with adolescent patients and/or clients;
  • Increase participant confidence in their personal ability to provide high-quality care to teens by creating a confidential, non-judgmental, and supportive environment that enhances a teen’s willingness to be open and honest; and
  • Increase participant behavioral intentions to utilize newfound knowledge, skills, and resources in order to provide high-quality, youth-friendly care to their teen patients and/or clients.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will understand adolescents’ concerns, preferences, and realities of young people in health care settings.
  • Participants will explore ways to provide high-quality, youth-friendly health care services.
  • Participants will acquire confidence and skills to build positive relationships and communicate effectively with teens.

“The PATCH workshop was very informative and thought provoking. It really shed light on the teen perspective and ignited a passion to make sure they truly understand their rights and feel safe, protected, and educated.” – PATCH for Providers Participant

Contact your local PATCH Site to schedule a workshop, or purchase the Core PATCH Package to launch your own Site and offer this amazing opportunity to your community!


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