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PATCH provides youth-driven materials, resources, and programming to raise the voices of youth and improve the overall health and well-being of their generation.

The Core PATCH Package provides communities the support, resources, and materials to become a PATCH Site. A PATCH Site has a PATCH Teen Educator team who facilitates the PATCH for Providers and PATCH for Teens: Peer-to-Peer workshops, and advocates for change in their community.

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PATCH provides young people with the knowledge, skills, and overall support to be drivers of change in their community.

Advocacy Fellowship

From our #PATCHies

"PATCH has given me SO much confidence in public speaking and self advocacy, a new and unique community of peers, opportunities in public health, insight, knowledge, compassion... and so many other things I’ll never be able to put into words!" 

"I don't think I would have felt comfortable, or confident enough, or had enough information, or anything to really voice my opinion, and, like, stand up for things without PATCH."

"PATCH is my inspiration to take control of my health care and empower others to do the same. PATCH is my opportunity to make a difference and advocate for better care for teens."

"I think I had a little seedling of passion for public health issues before I started [PATCH], but like when I first got accepted and went through the training both years, I think that passion just grew and became much more solidified and became a core piece of my identity." 

"PATCH taught me if you believe in something or if you think something is wrong you should speak up and make a difference."

PATCH for Teens: Classroom Edition provides school health teachers, health-related professionals, youth workers, and other adults the materials and resources needed to teach young people about their rights and responsibilities in health care settings. The Toolkit was developed to align with the National Health Education Standards.

The Classroom Edition is a great addition to any programming or existing health curricula.

PATCH for Parents is intended to help community organizations, schools, health care systems, and others actively engage and educate parents, guardians, and caregivers on teen rights and responsibilities in health care settings, and help them to support young people in becoming responsible managers of their own health.


Additional brochures, posters, and resources for health care professionals are available in the PATCH Store. These are great for use in classrooms, clinic waiting areas, youth centers, and other community spaces.

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PATCH Staff is available to talk with organizations about the PATCH approach to positive youth development and youth/adult partnerships. We’d be delighted to host a training, be a guest speaker, or provide consultation services.

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PATCH is continually developing and piloting new programs, materials, and resources. Keep up to date on our newest endeavors by signing up for Peek@PATCH!

Our work would not be possible without the endless support from adolescent health champions like yourself. If you believe in our vision and innovative solutions, please consider making a donation today!