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The Providers and Teens Communicating for Health (PATCH) Program firmly believes that all young people deserve quality, youth-friendly health care services and has developed programming and resources to reach this goal.

#PATCHIES (a.k.a. PATCH Youth)
We believe that adolescent health care practices, programs, and policies should be developed with young people rather than just for them. For this reason, PATCH hires youth to create positive change by making their voices heard. They gain the appropriate knowledge and skills through rigorous training to deliver peer education and health care professional development workshops, and advocate for better adolescent programs and policies in schools, communities, and health care systems. Through this experience, PATCH Youth develop lifelong skills, gain valuable leadership experience, and increase their understanding of health and wellness.

"PATCH has given me SO much confidence in public speaking and self advocacy, a new and unique community of peers, opportunities in public health, insight, knowledge, compassion... and so many other things I’ll never be able to put into words!" ~ Lily, Teen Educator, Age 17

The PATCH Advocacy Fellowship is our newest endeavor!

PATCH Teen Educators

PATCH Teen Educators facilitate PATCH workshops and advocate for change within the community and health care system. We strongly believe that THEY are the experts – offering accurate and authentic insight into adolescent experiences, concerns, and preferences in health care settings. They work directly with health care professionals to inform them about what teens want, need, and expect when showing up for a health care appointment, and offer suggestions on how to create an environment that will allow them to feel comfortable and safe sharing sensitive information. They also work with their peers to empower them to speak up, seek the care they need, and be their healthiest. The PATCH Teen Educator Model is one component of the Core PATCH Package and can be replicated by communities nationwide.

PATCH Advocates

The PATCH Advocacy Fellowship is an opportunity for Wisconsin youth, ages 12-21, to grow as leaders and young activists. As a part of the Fellowship, young people from across the state are hired and trained to be advocates for themselves and their peers. They are empowered to participate in state and community level conversations about adolescent health, and are supported through the Fellowship to be drivers of change in their own communities. If you are interested in learning more about our efforts, please email our staff at staff@patchprogram.org.

PATCH for Providers

PATCH for Providers offers resources and educational opportunities to a wide variety of health care professionals (e.g., nurses, doctors, clinicians, therapists, counselors, pharmacists, social workers, front-end/support staff, residents, and students) with the intent of improving the way they connect and serve adolescents.


PATCH for Teens

"Managing our own health care ~ like driving a car ~ is an important part of becoming an adult. At the end of the day, it’s just making sure we’re physically and mentally well so that we can do so many amazing things in life!" ~ Jack, 16

PATCH for Teens empowers young people to be active participants in their own health care, and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and advocate for youth-friendly services.

Classroom Edition

is a 45-90 minute lesson that can be purchased by school health teachers, health-related professionals, youth leaders, and other adults looking to teach youth, ages 14 – 18, about how to get the health care they need and deserve. It was created BY youth, FOR youth and uses short video clips to complement lesson activities.

"I love the PATCH Program because as health educators we often tell our students, "ask your doctor."  However, we don't teach the students HOW to ask their doctor.  The PATCH Program teaches students how to ask good questions, make appointments, and most importantly it teaches students the importance of being honest with their health care provider." - School Health Educator

Peer-to-Peer Workshop

The PATCH for Teens: Peer-to-Peer workshop is intended to be delivered outside of a typical school classroom setting (e.g., health fairs, conferences, youth group meetings, student organizations/clubs, and other places young people gather to learn from one another). This 60-minute workshop is led predominately by PATCH Teen Educators with the assistance and direction of a PATCH Site Coordinator. Contact your local PATCH Site to schedule a workshop, or purchase the Core PATCH Package to launch your own Site and offer this amazing opportunity to your community!

PATCH for Parents

Parents, guardians, and other trusted adults can really help teens get the health care they need and deserve. Plus, they play a major role in helping a teen learn how to manage their own health care.

Looking to inform parents and guardians about a teen’s right to privacy in health care settings, and what to expect as a teen ages through the health care system? Purchase a set of PATCH for Parents & Guardians brochures. They are perfect for clinic waiting areas, schools, and other community spaces.

Please continue to check back as PATCH for Parents is currently in development!

PATCH Consulting & Speaking Engagements

Want to learn more about the PATCH approach to youth engagement and leadership? Request a PATCH Expert today to host a training, be a guest speaker, or provide consultation services.  PATCH staff would be delighted to share their expertise and insights with you!

And more!

PATCH is continually developing and piloting new programs, materials, and resources. Keep up to date on our newest endeavors by signing up for our seasonal newsletter, Peek@PATCH!

A Teen's Right to Privacy

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